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Many times dental pain does not wait for the next available appointment. That’s why Dentistry by Design proudly provides emergency care to patients in pain. While many things cause the rapid onset of dental discomfort, we specialize in making it stop.

Among other conditions, we care for the following spectrum of emergencies.

  • Emergency root canals
  • Tooth removal
  • Emergency wisdom tooth extraction
  • Pain and dental trauma

Because we emphasize promptness along with precision, we maintain an arsenal of cutting-edge technology within our office. As well, our friendly staff promises to care for you through your emergency. With around 30 years of dental experience, you can confidently entrust your oral health to our competent, experienced, and caring hands. Rooted in the care we take for patients, we stand ready to fulfill our Hippocratic Oath and to work so that patients may suffer “no hurt.” Come today so that you can make your oral pain go away as soon as it is possible.

To make an emergency appointment, contact us today at 616-364-4219.