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With decades of experience, our Grand Rapid dentists have earned the respect of patients and colleagues alike. Pushing to the frontier of the next generation in dental care, Dr. DeBoer utilizes cutting-edge technology in their practice. Combining experience, expertise, and equipment, our practice provides comprehensive care for all your oral needs. At Dentistry by Design, we strive to be a dental family for you and are committed to the life and health of your smile.

We provide the following dental services:

  • General Dentistry: Regular cleanings and checkups remove the plaque that turns into tartar and causes gum disease. Coming for a six-month checkup can prevent serious damage!
  • Emergency Services: When oral pain can’t wait for the next appointment, we offer emergency services. We can treat toothaches, chipped teeth, lost fillings, and much more.
  • Cosmetic DentistryDentistry is much more than just your state of oral health. Our various cosmetic procedures can empower you to smile confidently.
  • Dental ImplantsWe can replace missing teeth with dental implants to revive your smile. Dental implants can improve the way you eat and speak as well!
  • Dental Crowns: If you need to take steps to preserve the integrity and health of your tooth, our experienced and caring staff can discuss the benefits of our dental crowns.
  • Periodontal/Gum Disease Treatment: We can help you confront the difficult problems, which periodontal or gum disease can cause.
  • Root CanalsIf you need a root canal to prevent future infections and other problems, we can execute the procedure with the highest quality care.

Friendliness, Competence, and Comprehensive Care

Our practice provides a wide range of treatments. In addition, we create a family atmosphere so that you feel comfortable and cared for. Our dental office accepts most insurance plans and can discuss which options are available for you. Contact us at 616-364-4219 to schedule an appointment for our Grand Rapids dentistry.